Our trip at U.S. Naval Support Site

di Maria Pia Di Paola 3ªL1

Thanks to our English teachers, we were able to spend a day in an American school and see how different the Italian’s school system is from the American one.

We met at our gathering point in Telese and then we took the bus. We arrived in front of the U.S. Naval Support Site’s gates at 08:30 a.m. and proceeded to check in. They asked for our ID codes and then we were let in.

Once inside, we saw immediately the differences between the buildings here and the ones we have in Italy. We walked for a bit on the sidewalk until we reached the school’s gates, there we were welcomed by one of the students.

Upon entering, we were led to the Italian classroom and, along the way, we admired the trophies of the school and the lockers. We were greeted warmly by the teacher, took a seat on the desks and then she explained to us the main differences between our school and theirs. After the explanation, that took 20-15 minutes at most, they gave us a “partner” for the day who led us through the hallways to their classes and assisted us during the lessons. The teachers welcomed us and let us take part in the lessons, asking sometimes how and which differences ran between the various methods utilized in our school. Another unusual thing was that we had to move to the next class and the teachers didn’t move from their classrooms, as in the Italian’s school system.

During the lunch break we were led to the school’s cafeteria. The menù was really varied and after we ate, we were showed around the school fields and hallways. We talked with a lot of students and saw the gymnasium, along with the street-basketball and football field and all the benches.

When the break ended, we went straight to our next class and once again saw the differences between the everyday life they did and ours. Once the lessons ended, we went back to the Italian’s classroom and met with our classmates. We said our goodbyes and thanks to our partners and the Italian teacher and took our leave, through the gates and back home.