Telesi@ has added another piece to its puzzle …

Telesi@ has added another piece to its puzzle: the new school building of Liceo Linguistico. Located in Via Roma, one of the main roads of Telese Terme, this new premises is a well-structured new building, fully renovated, environmentally friendly and built with the utmost attention to every detail related to the safety of our students and teachers. Once arriving at the building, you can’t but notice the modern building with signboards indicating details of the school and the flags giving it an air of international touch.
Strongly wished by our Headmistress Mrs. Di Sorbo, known for her stubbornness and perseverance in dealing with situations, the new building boasts a careful renovation and modern and functional school furniture: from desks, chairs, computers and projectors, everything smells new in this school.
The inauguration ceremony took place on 1st October with the participation of the Mayor of Telese Mr. Giovanni Caporaso, and of the President of the Province Mr. Antonio Di Maria. Each student and each teacher have entered this new building feeling part of a changing world and have experienced the emotion of the first time even though they have been students or teachers at this school for years.
This new building will help us to make each student feel he or she has something to contribute and to provide them with a path in which they can mature through active participation.
Come and see our new school building, you’ll love it as we all do!!!